Is Bogotá Safe? 7 Essential Safety Tips for Travelers

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Since I know fundamental Spanish, I had no points with getting round, ordering meals and interacting with the locals. In phrases of safety, I felt no danger and I largely traversed the city and surrounding department of Antioquia solo. The same avenue columbian women smarts that used in locations like New York City, Chicago and DC, I used in Medellin. I stayed out late on many nights and partied in Parque Lleras and La 70 areas of Medellin. Tex mentioned 2 years agoWent to Medellin and Cartagena the fall of last 12 months.

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AirBnB is a very neat service and has really reasonable costs. A quite little area solely about an hour outdoors of Bogota is La Vega. That area there appears to be very friendly from my experience, nice little get away from Bogota. I have ridden the bus from Medellin to Bogota, I did not get pleasure from that as a result of length of the journey and we needed to wait several hours for the highway to be cleared from a slide off of a mountain.

Colombia is a rustic at peace

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However, I had brief time period memory problems for a number of months after the incident. When seeing my pals or colleagues, I could not recall their names. I’ve been to many places in Colombia and South America since my first trip in 2010. All major cities in Colombia nonetheless have critical crime points.

three. Keeping a Low Profile in Bogota

We were both very cautious when out and about but I positively still sensed a certain amount of unease especially at night. If you do resolve to go as a feminine traveller at all times be extra cautious at night and try to stick to different groups. Even discovering just one extra individual to stroll round with is his better than alone. Other than that it’s a lovely country and should be explored now whilst it’s not over run with tourists.

The indigenous peoples had developed strategies to plant numerous crops for their feeding and to supply houses and ornaments. Predominantly the indigenous folks cultivated maize and managed the Colombian local weather and geography to develop planting technique using terraces. In Colombia, the agricultural politics and insurance policies are determined by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

I’ve been touring to Colombia for over 2 years now. My spouse and son each stay in Santa Marta so after all, I could be living with the locals and away from most tourist areas. I’ve worked for a bit doing automotive jobs with my spouse’s father, over at this corner shop 3 blocks from where we lived. I labored there principally for the expertise.

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They have a nasty thought about women, as a result of they like excellent bodies and small minds. Jonathan said 18 months ago Enjoyed the article. I have been to a number of totally different areas in Colombia. I stick with the spouse’s family down there normally always, but her and I also lease locations once we need to get away from everything.

If I did come house at night time which was actually rare, I all the time took an uber or I used the Tapsi app. If I wanted to go anywhere within the City by automobile I felt safer with my low cost uber rides. I also used the Transmilenio bus system.

Sara said 2 years agoFelt compelled to write after reading all of the deceptive feedback (good and dangerous). I simply returned from Colombia, where I’ve been traveling regularly for the past 20 years as a result of my husband is from there. I can say from private expertise that the nation IS a lot safer for vacationers now than it used to be. There are a lot more foreigners around and significantly better resources for vacationers. But even prior to now I never actually felt unsafe there, and I’ve never ever had a bad expertise, despite the fact that we normally go out at evening (with friends or family), take taxis in the streets, and journey in nation roads.

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