RAWA Sponsor Lindsey Graham Considers 2016 Presidential Run

RAWA Sp<span id="more-4677"></span>onsor Lindsey Graham Considers 2016 Presidential Run

Lindsey Graham for President? The web gambling opponent has formed a committee which will gauge whether a 2016 GOP run that is presidential be viable.

Lindsey Graham, the Republican Senator for South Carolina, who, along with Representative Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah), is co-sponsor of Restoration of America’s Wire Act (RAWA), is weighing the opportunities for a 2016 run during the presidency.

Graham this week established a committee known as ‘Security Through Strength’ that will explore whether a bid for the GOP presidential nomination is viable.

‘What we’m looking at is, is here a pathway ahead on a lawn in Iowa and New Hampshire for a man like me? I have no idea until We look,’ said Graham.

Graham’s RAWA bill, if passed, would effortlessly ban all kinds of online gambling at a federal degree, aside from horse racing gambling and fantasy sports. No exemptions would be created for the states that have already legalized and regulated Internet gaming within their borders, making its passage seem like a long shot at most useful.

And Graham isn’t the opponent that is only of gambling with his eyes in the candidacy. Former nyc Governor George Pataki, co-chair of Sheldon Adelson’s Coalition to avoid online Gambling, announced earlier this that he is ‘seriously considering’ a run month.

Backed by Adelson

Both guys may be emboldened by the risk of backing and campaign efforts from Adelson, who has donated over $100 million to causes that are republican the years.

Last year, the LVS chairman and his spouse Miriam Ochsorn donated $15 million to the pro-Gingrich political action committee ‘Winning Our Future,’ while Mitt Romney was the recipient (to no avail, of course) of Adelson’s help in 2012, to the tune of $30 million. Romney has stated he will not seek a 2016 presidential campaign spot this go round.

Graham, meanwhile, had shown interest that is little the online gambling question until 2013, when Adelson and Ochsorn cut $15,600 in checks for his campaign for reelection to Congress. Graham normally known to have attended a fundraising party at Adelson’s household.

Meanwhile, a written report from townhall.com suggests Adelson recently met with a combined number of Republican lawmakers on Capitol Hill to renew his efforts to have online gambling banned in the US. The private briefing with members of the home Judiciary Committee, which include Chaffetz, was described by sources as both a strategy conference plus an update.

RAWA on the Rise

Only at that week’s confirmation hearing for Loretta Lynch, Graham quizzed the Attorney General candidate on her emotions toward on the web gambling, and in specific the DoJ’s 2011 legal viewpoint on the Wire Act, which effectively opened the home for state-by-state regulation. Lynch neatly sidestepped the question.

Both Graham and Chaffetz have returned to the latest session of Congress with more political capital than they held year that is last. Graham is now a known member of the Republican majority and Chaffetz was recently made chairman of the Government Oversight and Reform Committee.

Graham is a foreign policy hawk whom matters Senator John McCain as you of his closest allies. Announcing his intention to run, he cited the battle against Islamic extremism as his top priority.

He joins a listing of more than 15 Republicans who’re considering operating for president, including a third bush dynasty possibility in former Florida governor, Jeb Bush. Meanwhile, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, under whose administration online gambling has been legalized within the Garden State, in addition has been linked with a push for the GOP candidacy.

Paul Phua has Sports Betting Conviction in Malaysia

Paul Phua had been arrested in Malaysia for his role in a soccer gambling ring straight back in 2004, says the country’s press. Meanwhile, he awaits test in the US having been arrested at Caesars Palace in June. (image: cardplayer.com)

Paul Phua, the high-stakes poker player that is standing trial in the US accused of masterminding some sort of Cup wagering operation from Caesars Palace, has a conviction in Malaysia for the same offense, it has emerged.

Malaysian media reported this week that Phua was arrested in 2004 for his involvement in a betting ring centered in the European Champion soccer competition of the year.

According to the Malaysiakini magazine, Phua received a large fine and left the country for Vietnam fleetingly afterwards, allegedly to escape those who had been owed money after the operation was busted.

He ended up being banned from entering Malaysia, where on the web gambling was strictly prohibited during the soccer World Cup in 2008.

The Phua instance has gotten lot of publicity in Malaysia, mainly due to those things of nation’s Residence Affairs Minister, Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

In December Zahid wrote to Deputy Director of the FBI Mark Giuliano to refute allegations that Phua was a member of the 14K Triads, inspite of the FBI having been informed of his connections towards the notorious crime that is organized by Malaysian police in 2008.

Political Stink

In the letter, which ended up being later submitted as being a court document by Phua’s defense team, Zahid stated that Phua had, in the past, assisted casino-bonus-free-money.com the Government of Malaysia on ‘projects affecting our security that is national, and as such the government had been ‘eager for him to return to Malaysia.’

However, the letter had been considered to be a serious breach of protocol and the government asked it to be withdrawn from court public records.

Phua was arrested with eight others, including his son Darren and fellow high-stakes player Richard Wong, in June after an FBI operation on three of Caesars’ luxury villas unearthed the thing that was described as ‘an illegal cable room,’ the hub of a multi-million-dollar internet Cup operation that is betting.

Investigators turned off internet usage of the rooms and posed as technical repairmen so that you can gain access to the villas and gather evidence.

The defense team has asked that this evidence is struck through the record as they believe it had been obtained illegally and without having a search warrant, and thus violates the defendants’ Fourth Amendment rights.

Macau Bribe Allegation

Five of Phua’s associates plead guilty and had been sentenced to unsupervised probation and fines, while Paul and Darren Phua maintain their innocence.

Just weeks before these people were arrested in Las Vegas Phua was one of 22 individuals arrested in Macau in just what authorities there called the biggest unlawful recreations betting breasts on record.

Prosecutors in the usa believe that Phua bribed regional police in order to secure his release, permitting him to fly to Vegas to carry on operations because the 2014 World Cup, the biggest sports wagering occasion ever sold, gathered momentum.

The trial happens to be delayed while the judge assesses whether evidence collected through the FBI’s covert surveillance operation is admissible in court.

Vegas Sands Corp Reports Record Revenue

The cat that got the cream: Sheldon Adelson’s LVS reports record revenues despite the financial lull in Macau. (Image: telegraph.co.uk)

Las Vegas Sands Corp (LVS) reported a record year of net revenue this week.

Despite falling earnings in Macau once the region faces an intense tightening of financial controls from mainland China; and despite a suspected Iranian cyber-attack in February that did untold economic damage to the company’s systems; and despite unsteady share costs in the second element of the year, Sheldon Adelson’s casino giant is rude health.

LVS reported that its web revenue increased by 6 percent on final 12 months to unprecedented a lot of $14.58 billion.

Comparison this with Caesars Entertainment, which has lost money each year since 2009, while struggling to repay the interest on its industry-high $20 billion-plus debt, into chapter 11 bankruptcy as it attempts to put its main operating unit it.

Macau ‘Still Wonderful’

Unlike LVS, Caesars didn’t purchase Macau whenever the region opened itself up to foreign operators, and this is where the earnings are coming from, despite the softening of the region’s video gaming market.

‘ The Macau that is new is little different than the old Macau, but nevertheless a wonderful Macau,’ Robert Goldstein, nevada Sands president and COO told CNBC. ‘We believe very much in this market.’

However, LVS’s Q4 revenues were much lower, year on year, due largely to Macau poorer performance into the second section of the year. LVS, which includes four casinos in Macau, stated the Sands China company reported a 16 per cent decline in net revenue to $2.12 billion, and the Venetian Macao saw revenue that is net by 23 per cent to $880.3 million, but this ended up being offset by lower operating costs, the company said.

Turnover from Macau still dwarfs the revenue of LVS Las Vegas’ properties, nevertheless, which took a combined 362 million in Q4. Total running expenses across all properties were down 14 per cent to $2.39 billion.

Prudent Management

‘The prudent handling of our cash flow, including the capability to increase the return of money to investors while maintaining a balance that is strong and ample liquidity to buy future growth opportunities, remains a cornerstone of our strategy,’ stated Adelson. ‘We remain focused on the consistent execution of our global growth strategy, which leverages the power of our unique convention-based incorporated Resort enterprize model.’

This comes as Adelson seeks to redouble his efforts to stamp out online gaming in the usa. Sources say that Adelson recently met with Republican members of the home Judiciary Committee in order to discuss pushing the problem through during the brand new legislative session.

Adelson has vowed to invest ‘whatever it takes’ to rid the world of online gaming.

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