The main thing is to understand why all this is needed in life.

The main thing is to understand why all this is needed in life.

Education only and education when it is top lab report writers labor: without labor, which entered the spiritual life of man in childhood, it is impossible neither moral, nor aesthetic, nor physical, nor mental education.

The more a school teaches people what they need in life, the more it deserves respect. For some reason, our general secondary education institutions are now more like long-term academies, where they train the skills of gaining points in the external evaluation. What do we do with the future of our state if we evaluate our children by their maximum scores in the final exams? 200 points – we are proud, 100 points – a shame for parents and school. Is this correct? Any result is good. The main thing is to understand why all this is needed in life. And maybe in general those points are not so necessary for happiness?

Finally, I can’t help but remember the famous saying of Confucius: “Choose a job for your soul – and you will not have to work hard one day in life.” I would very much like Ukrainian teachers to enjoy their work and be happy in schools, I would like teaching not to turn into a painful carding of everyday life, because the love for work is passed not only from father to son, but also from teacher to students!

I am sincerely grateful that there are bright people in my life who not only create their important projects, but also help to develop the Ukrainian educational space in general. Thank you for your support in the trip to the integrated school of Winterthur Kateryna Yasko, Oksana Oliynyk (, the founder of the Creative International Children’s School Lydia Bilas and the People’s Deputy of Ukraine Andriy Kot.

Ksenia Smirnova, methodologist of the education department of the Stryi city council, teacher of German.


Sergei Gorbachev offers to provide guarantees to managers for making independent decisions

The Ombudsman proposes to provide guarantees to initiative directors

Educational Ombudsman Sergei Gorbachev proposes to provide guarantees to the heads of educational institutions and education management bodies not to prosecute for making independent decisions during quarantine.

This is stated in the letter of the Education Ombudsman to the head of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Education, Science and Innovation Sergei Babak and Acting Minister of Education and Science Lubomira Mandziy.

According to Sergei Gorbachev, in conditions of uncertainty and lack of regulatory framework governing the actions of heads of educational institutions and local education authorities in quarantine, in Ukraine there are numerous examples of two models of behavior of leaders.

“Some refuse any initiative, waiting for orders and orders” from above “, – said the educational ombudsman.

He emphasizes that such a position leads to significant violations of the rights of participants in the educational process, about which the Education Ombudsman Service has hundreds of complaints about the late adoption or lack of decisions that are critical to protect the rights and ensure the educational process …

“Others – given the non-standard conditions in which we all found ourselves, put in the first place the interests and safety of recipients of education and pedagogical, scientific and pedagogical workers, make independent decisions on the principle of” allowed what is not forbidden … “It is leaders of this type who are the ones who can ensure the effective development of Ukrainian education. But it is these leaders who may be hit when they are checked and punished for their initiative decisions,” said Sergei Gorbachev.

Based on the above, the Education Ombudsman proposes to establish a working group with the participation of the Ministry of Education and Science, the Ministry of Finance and the Audit Service, other authorized institutions to make agreed decisions and develop an appropriate document (road map) … decisions taken to protect the rights of participants in the educational process in conditions of systemic uncertainty and the lack of the necessary regulatory framework.



The Association of School Leaders of the City of Kyiv has asked to cancel the DPA

The Ministry of Education and Science has officially called for the abolition of the STA for graduates

The Association of School Leaders of the City of Kyiv addressed the Acting Minister of Education and Science Lubomira Mandziy with a demand to cancel the state final certification for graduates who do not plan to enter universities.

This is stated in the appeal of the Association of School Leaders to the Ministry of Education and Science, published on Facebook.

The authors of the appeal note that the current situation in the country is the basis for the release of 11th grade students from the DPA, and the release of 11th grade graduates from certification will significantly reduce tensions among graduates, their parents and teachers.

“The terms of quarantine are constantly shifting, and the uncertainty about the terms of the external evaluation remains. The children lost the last bell, waltz, graduation – all simple and familiar, but now so desirable, that is, the completion of school at the desks. In addition, parents panic even more than children, and all this affects the emotional state of our graduates, “- said in a statement.

In addition, the Association of School Leaders of Kyiv notes that the decision to exempt 11th graders from the STA automatically removes many legal issues, including the holding of pedagogical councils concerning the release of students, as most teachers will be on vacation during this time. Therefore the decision of pedagogical councils even in a remote mode will be considered illegitimate.

Also, the authors of the appeal emphasize that if at the end of the external evaluation the release of eleventh-graders will take place at the beginning of the next school year, it will lead to a violation of the algorithm for organizing the educational process.

“We believe that the abolition of the STA is the only right decision this academic year, because such a step will relieve both educational institutions and graduates on the one hand, and on the other – it will reduce the load on testing points (due to graduates who do not plan to enter universities). that will prevent risks of infection of COVID 19 of all participants of carrying out ZNO “, – authors of the address note.

According to members of the Association of School Leaders, this step could to some extent reduce the burden on local budgets to spend on “quarantine” measures.

“This decision will free up time and money to prepare for the new school year, and will give children the opportunity to calmly and responsibly prepare for the EIT,” – said the Association of School Leaders of Kyiv, addressing the acting Minister of Education and Science.


It can be seen that colleagues were the most picky about the teacher’s mistake

A. Zamozhskaya: about the returned boomerang in education

Author: Alla Zamozhskaya, co-founder of the NGO “Fathers of Poltava”.

I thought of passing by. Because she is trained to forgive mistakes. Everything can be fixed except death. But on the third day, the pages burn, the spears break, and the words fall. What I’m talking about now is our education. Online TV lessons began on Monday. And all would be nothing if the first teacher did not make a mistake. And the persecution began – a real Ukrainian mental intolerance. It is full of envy, arrogance and that’s right – a neighbor’s cow died.

In fact, everything is very simple. This situation, which is growing like an avalanche – because that mistake was not the only one – has greatly revealed the problems of education, the educational world and the choice of the average Ukrainian of our new government in the digitalization regime. The idea is not bad, because 90% of schools were not ready for online learning.

According to them, online learning is an independent study of the material, and parents who do not want to teach lessons with children instead of them – pay little attention to their children. Well, the plus is that some of the parents sent their children to the village, where the Internet is just a windmill on the mountain, and 4G in the phone does not always save and is not everywhere.

Some teachers set so many tasks that the children did not look up from the notebook all day. Almost everyone (who doesn’t have the Internet) has a TV set – that’s why lessons on it are not a bad way out, because low-income families in our country have been forgotten, as well as those where there is more than one child of different school age. We have not yet grown up in the Americas with Europe in terms of gadgets – so not everyone had that access to tasks.

But back to the mistakes.

The mistake itself is a common and normal phenomenon. And in the whole civilized world it is allowed to make mistakes. There, children from the first grade and almost the entire elementary school, and sometimes even in high school, write in pencil. Erase – corrected, and no one punishes you for it. Because it is normal to be wrong.

What do we have. There are methodical recommendations that say: in the first class they start writing with a pencil, accurate corrections are not taken into account, he found a mistake – the score does not decrease. The reality, unfortunately, is a little different.

They start writing with a pencil, but very often in a month children are transferred to writing with a pen. They also put it to their credit. Corrections are punished and written in red NOT NICE. At the age of six.

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. My daughter got red pasta in the third grade – and it resonated with me. That’s purely visual – still resonated in the eyes.

Sometimes they even allow themselves to say – but Vasya writes ugly … Because there is a point – it is very important – calligraphy. As well as counting of cells – which too do not recommend to count … and the only argument sounds – well so it is beautiful. And for this they punish mercilessly – not beautifully written, not written there, so you crossed out and corrected – all this reduces the score by one point and for all school years brings up absolute intolerance and even the inability to admit mistakes and think – that is normal.