A democratic party must never join forces with an undemocratic party

A democratic party must never join forces with an undemocratic party

Bushido had reported as a witness in the past few weeks that A.-Ch. as a manager and business partner have received a total of nine million euros from him over the years. Until a final conviction, A.-Ch. the presumption of innocence – this also applies to the ongoing investigation.

In a tweet from the public prosecutor on Tuesday, it was said that the suspicion was raised "Significant tax offenses related to management services within the "Rapeseed scene". It is also investigating allegations of fraud. The criminal police and tax investigators confiscated written documents and data carriers. The aim is to find evidence and confiscate assets, the police said.

More than 300 police officers were on duty, including a special task force (SEK) and three departments of the State Criminal Police Office (LKA). According to the police, there were no incidents during the action: "So far, this has not been a problem."

The Berlin Police Union (GdP) welcomed the raid. "The measures taken today are important because the rule of law must continue to work hard to drain the swamp." Clans have fed a lot of illegal money into the legal cycle in recent years and "Financed real estate and other luxury goods through drug deals, extortion and other criminal sources of income". Every year, more than 100 billion euros are washed away in the money laundering paradise of Germany.

Tel Aviv (dpa) – After her conviction for tax evasion, Bar Refaeli (35) started her social service. The Israeli model arrived at a facility for people with disabilities in Kirjat Ono, a city east of Tel Aviv, on Monday morning. A spokesman for the prison authorities confirmed that Refaeli has started her service.

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A court in Tel Aviv had sentenced Refaeli and her mother Zipi in mid-September. Bar Refaeli has to do nine months of social service and her mother has to go to prison for 16 months. Zipi Refaeli appeared on Monday morning in the country’s only women’s prison in Newe Tirsa, southeast of Tel Aviv. The two women also have to pay a total of 5 million shekels (around 1.2 million euros).

Bar Refaeli and her mother had reached an agreement with the authorities in June to end the longstanding lawsuit against them. The tax authority had accused Refaeli of failing to fully disclose multi-million dollar earnings in Israel and abroad. At the beginning of 2019, a court ruled that the model had to pay the equivalent of around 2 million euros in taxes. Contrary to what was stated, the main focus of her life in the disputed tax years since 2009 was in Israel.

Refaeli had her breakthrough in 2007 when she became the first Israeli model to take the coveted magazine cover "Sports Illustrated" graced. Also because of her relationship with the actor Leonardo DiCaprio, shots of her regularly filled the columns of the gossip papers. In 2011 the couple separated. Refaeli, now the mother of three young children, has three million followers on Instagram.

First it was the left in Forst (Spree-Neisse), now it is the CDU in Bestensee (Dahme-Spreewald): the CDU parliamentary group has recently submitted a joint application with the AfD for the local council. It is about the relocation of a Montessori school to Bestensee. The Independent Citizens (UBBP) are also there. At first they had "Potsdam’s latest news" (online) reported.community services examples

Criticism comes from the state level. There are resolutions that clearly regulated the incompatibility of cooperation with the AfD, said CDU Secretary General Gordon Hoffmann on Wednesday. He had pointed this out to his party colleagues in Bestensee. "I assume that the application will not be accepted." You trust the people on site.

Left regional manager Stefan Wollenberg said: "I assume that the consensus not to work with the AfD unites all democratic parties in Brandenburg. And just as we as the regional association are in talks with our municipal allies, we expect the same from all other colleagues."

"A democratic party must never join forces with an undemocratic party. Not in the big and not in the small", stressed SPD General Secretary Erik Stohn. For the SPD, the AfD is in no way a partner as long as it fights coexistence and togetherness in our country. "Anyone who rushes and divides is not an acceptable partner for enforcing municipal issues through power politics."

In May, a joint appearance by the left faction in the city council of Forst (Spree-Neisse) with the AfD caused political turmoil in the regional association of the left.

The Netzhoppers KW-Bestensee have quickly returned to everyday volleyball. Before the Bundesliga game at the SWD powervolleys Düren on Sunday (6 p.m. / sporttotal.tv), coach Christophe Acht made sure that the surprising 3-2 victory in the cup quarter-finals at the Berlin Volleys on Wednesday did not seduce his team into high spirits . "After such successes, you have to get both feet back on the ground quickly"the Belgian told his players.

The reward for the Netzhoppers after the victory in the Max-Schmeling-Halle in Berlin was culinary: A sponsor from the catering sector provided the players with vegan food on site. The team enjoyed the meal "at about minus two degrees outdoors"said Eighth. Regeneration was announced for the regular players on Thursday, and preparation began again on Friday.

The Netzhoppers have to be prepared for a highly motivated opponent. After all, the Rhinelander had bad experiences with the team from Königs Wusterhausen only three weeks ago. In the second round of the cup, Düren was eliminated by the Netzhoppers after a 2-0 lead with 2: 3. "I think our opponent wants to give a clear answer to that now"said Eighth.

In the cup, the Netzhoppers will continue on December 10th with the semi-finals at home against the Volleys Herrsching. Bayern moved into the semi-finals on Thursday evening after a 3-0 win against Giesen. Eighth, however, is far from reaching the round with the last four teams. He says: "The fact that we made it to the semi-finals will not be talked about in two years. Only when we are in the final will people remember the Netzhoppers."

 The surprising end in the quarter-finals of the German Volleyball Cup hit the Berlin Volleys deep, the Netzhoppers cheered exuberantly. "We don’t have enough energy when we lose a sentence", central blocker Anton Brehme exercised self-criticism on Wednesday after the cup defender’s 3-2 defeat against Bundesliga rival Netzhoppers KW-Bestensee.

The fragile state of the volleys became evident when they missed two match points at 24:22 after leading the set 2-0 in the third round and lost the set 24:26. After that, the team headed for their fiasco without a leader and with little defense.

For the Netzhoppers, the success is almost of historical significance. The last time they beat the BR Volleys in a competitive game almost nine years ago, on February 18, 2012 in the Bundesliga, the tie-break also ended with 3: 2, 18:16.

The Brandenburgers now have the chance to move into the cup final for the first time in their club’s history. "You always dream a little"said the Netzhoppers attacker Dirk Westphal, who excelled against Berlin, about such rosy prospects. In the semifinals, the team will receive the winner of the game Volleys Herrsching against Grizzlys Giesen in Bestensee on December 9th or 10th. Westphal urges humility: "Right now we shouldn’t think that we’d all beat just because we won against the BR Volleys."

In the tie-break against Berlin, Karli Allik had used the first match point to make it 15:13 for the Netzhoppers with a block against Benjamin Patch. After that, the jubilation of the outsider knew no bounds. Even in the round of 16 against Düren, the Brandenburgers had turned a 2-0 set deficit. "The breadth of our squad helps us. We always get a breath of fresh air from the bank"said Westphal. His praise went above all to the 24-year-old Allik, who had clearly revived the Netzhoppers’ attacking game after being substituted on.

For the volleyball players of the Netzhoppers KW-Bestensee, the next two games in the Bundesliga will point the way to the rest of the season. In a "bavarian week" coach Christophe Acht’s team wants to keep the top of the table with a home win on Sunday (4 p.m. / sporttotal.tv) against TSV Unterhaching in the Bundesliga. On Thursday in Potsdam against the Volleys Herrsching, they will make it to the cup final on February 28, 2021 in Mannheim.

The cup semi-finals are currently not an issue in Bestensee. "Our coach attaches great importance to the fact that the focus is always on the next opponent"said team manager Britta Wersinger. Unterhaching lost all of the first six games of the season and only managed to win two sets.

Nevertheless, the Netzhoppers by no means take their opponents lightly. "They are unpredictable and have nothing to lose"warns Wersinger. The people of Hachingen cannot be disturbed by their weak start to the season. Your Libero Leonard Graven says: "We are a cool group, we will still get our points."

The Netzhoppers, for their part, have now earned a lot of respect in the league. The team recently received praise for their 13:15 tiebreak defeat at the SWD powervolleys in Düren. Düren’s captain Michael Andrei said: "The Netzhoppers can cause a lot of damage to the opponent with their serves. And no matter how good you attack them, they just keep a lot of balls in play."

There is increased tension at the Berlin Volleys. "We have to be very careful. It won’t be a walk in the park", warned manager Kaweh Niroomand of the home game in the quarter-finals of the German Volleyball Cup against the Netzhoppers KW-Bestensee on Wednesday (7.30 p.m. / sporttotal.tv). Whoever wins will meet the winner of the game Volleys Herrsching against Grizzlys Giesen in the semi-finals on December 9 or 10 at home. Because of the corona pandemic, only the first division teams are at the start in this season.

The ten-time German champions ticked off the 3-0 defeat at VfB Friedrichshafen in the Bundesliga last Saturday. "We didn’t have 50 percent of our first six on the field"said Niroomand. "The bad luck with injuries caught us badly. With a full cast we have another quality."

For the game against the Netzhoppers, there is no relaxation in sight at the BR Volleys on the personnel issue. In Sergej Grankin (calf injury) and Timothee Carle (abdominal muscle strain), two pillars of the team continue to fail. Central blocker Anton Brehme (back pain) should, said Niroomand, "first of all be brought back very carefully".

After the Netzhoppers rose again to the Bundesliga in 2014, both teams met in a total of 16 competitive games in the league and cup. The BR Volleys always won, 13 times without losing a set, most recently on January 16 this year in their own hall but only just 3-2.

The Netzhoppers have been convincing so far this season with their very emotional and powerful performances. "Everyone is ready to work hard. Everyone supports the other"said coach Christophe Acht. Niroomand was also impressed by the opponent: "With the change of coach and the many new players you brought in new impulses. The team makes a well-rehearsed, stable impression."

The Brandenburgers also confirmed this in qualifying for the cup quarter-finals. There they beat last year’s cup finalists SWD powervolleys Düren 3: 2 – after a 0: 2 deficit. "You have to take off your hat before that"said Niroomand.

The Netzhoppers KW-Bestensee have to move for the semi-finals in the German Volley Cup. The home game against the Volleys Herrsching on December 10th will not take place in the Landkost-Arena in Bestensee as originally planned, but in the MBS-Arena in Potsdam. The association announced this on its homepage. The reason for the change of location: The Landkost-Arena does not meet the technical requirements for a live broadcast on television. The game will be shown on Sport1 from 8 p.m.

The Netzhoppers had reached the semifinals with a surprising 3-2 victory over the cup defender Berlin Volleys. Before that they had defeated the SWD powervolleys Düren 3-2 in their own hall. Both games were won by coach Christophe Acht’s team after 0-2 set arrears.

"The Berlin Max-Schmeling-Halle was suggested to us as a substitute venue for the semifinals"said team manager Britta Wersinger. "However, since we are an association from Brandenburg, we also wanted to stay in our state." In addition, would have "Renting the Schmeling Hall for one evening blew our budget".

The Bundesliga volleyball players of SC Potsdam usually play in the MBS Arena. Perhaps a good omen: The Potsdam women reached the cup final in Mannheim next year with a 3-1 win over Stuttgart on November 19th.

Old hand Dirk Westphal sank exhausted to the floor, arms stretched towards the ceiling of the hall to cheer. Seconds earlier, his teammate Byron Keturakis had turned the eighth match point for the volleyball Bundesliga club Netzhoppers KW-Bestensee against the Volleys Herrsching in the tie-break of a memorable cup semi-final. The Brandenburgers defeated the Ammersee team 3-2 in an intense and ultimately dramatic game on Thursday and are in the cup final for the first time in their club’s history.

As in the previous cup rounds against last year’s finalists powervolleys Düren and Berlin Volleys, the team turned a 2-0 set deficit. "We can do it, we are the nethoppers"said Westphal proudly. Herrsching’s trainer Max Hauser judged: "The Netzhoppers deserve to be in the final. You played three great tiebreaker games." In the final in Mannheim on February 28, the United Volleys Frankfurt are the opponents, who surprisingly prevailed 3-2 at VfB Friedrichshafen.

A double change helped the Netzhoppers against Herrsching. From the third set onwards, the 2.03 meter tall Canadian James Jackson, so far only a substitute, attacked in place of Johannes Mönnich via the diagonal position. Karli Allik came on for Theo Timmermann in the attack. The measure taken by coach Christophe Acht paid off. "Our squad is well positioned across the board this season"said Westphal.

In the tie-break, what was already an exciting game turned into a spectacle. The Netzhoppers awarded seven match balls in the end, four from Herrschinger. Keturakis set the final point at 26:24 in this nerve-wracking fifth set with match point number eight. "Morale, attitude, fighting spirit – everything was just right with us"Westphal said afterwards.

The latest balance has not met the expectations of Netzhoppers KW-Bestensee. From the three home games in five days, the volleyball Bundesliga club only got four out of nine points. "We have to improve our teamwork and create more surprises for our opponents"said coach Christophe Acht after the 3-2 defeat by Volleys Herrsching on Wednesday. The Belgian also urged patience: "That won’t be possible in three months."