Because this leisure activity can bring a lot of profit

Because this leisure activity can bring a lot of profit

The reached seven times "Chateau La Mission Haut-Brion, Pessac-Leognan" from Bordeaux the top grade of 100 points – in the years 1955, 1959, 1982, 1989, 2000, 2009 and 2010. Also seven times the "Guigal ‘La Landonne’", from the Cote Rotie – that means roasted slopes and is located in the northern part of the Rhone growing region. The top marks were given for 1985, 1988, 1990, 1998, 1999, 2003 and 2005. Premier Cru for connoisseurs For most connoisseurs, a Premier Grand Cru stands above all others: The "Chateau Pétrus" from Bordeaux, specifically from Pomerol in the Libournais region. A wine from here achieved the highest rating of the wine pope Robert Parker nine times: The vintages 1921, 1929, 1947, 1961, 1989, 1990, 2000, 2009 and 2010 got 100 points. Just another wine, the "Guigal ‘La Mouline’, Cote Rotie" von der Rhone, was also honored nine times with the top grade by Parker. Primus inter pares: Chateau Pétrus

Chateau Pétrus achieves the highest prices. The estate has existed since the end of the 18th century when the Arnaud family planted the vineyards. A stone figure of the apostle Peter is the namesake of the small winery. Wine connoisseurs with fine taste buds attest Pétrus concentrated aromas of blackcurrants, blackberries and mulberries, sometimes also mint.

The special thing about this wine is the soil: The Pomerol is full of loamy soil; The Chateau Pétrus is also located on the highest knoll of the area, under a layer of gravel lies heavy, iron-containing clay. French geologists call this "Buttonhole from Pétrus". The clay layer gives the Pétrus its lush, round fullness, which always dominates over the tannins and is responsible for the truffle-like aromas with age.

Expensive harvest by hand  

                        Another specialty is responsible for the quality: a selective, manual grape harvest is carried out in the Pétrus winery. A parcel is harvested several times and only ripe grapes are selected – this is expensive, but is now common for top wines. Chateau Pétrus is not being sold, but allocated. At the time of delivery en primeur, this wine had already gained in value by double-digit percentages. Often a single bottle of Pétrus is only sold to the customer when other wines are purchased for at least 4,000 euros. The winemaker protects himself against counterfeiting with holograms on the label or engravings in the glass. Conclusion: dozens of wines have now been honored with top ratings. Wines of the century are a dime a dozen – connoisseurs should always seek advice from their wine dealer.

Time deposit accounts, custody accounts and securities are the usual investments with which Germans want to increase their money. But there are also systems that are particularly popular with connoisseurs with a great passion for a certain area: luxury items. We reveal which ones bring the greatest increase in value. 

The best investments

> The paintings and sculptures increase in value by up to 226 percent in ten years. Picassos, for example, achieved around 162 million euros "Les femmes d’Alger" at Christie’s auction house. (Source: Christie’s / dpa)" height ="150" src =" percent-increase-the-paintings-and-sculptures-in-ten-years-their-value-around-162-million-euros-achieved-for-example-picassos-les-femmes-d.jpg" title ="Art objects also attract many collectors. >> The paintings and sculptures increase in value by up to 226 percent in ten years. Picassos, for example, achieved around 162 million euros "Les femmes d’Alger" at Christie’s auction house. (Source: Christie’s / dpa)" width ="192">

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The British noble broker Knight Frank compared the exotic plants over a period of ten years. In the Wealth Report 2016, the company is now breaking down which of the extraordinary investments will generate the most profit.

1st place

Anyone who is enthusiastic about aerodynamic shapes and powerful engines has every reason to be happy: According to Knight Frank, classic automobiles bring the greatest increases in value. Over a period of ten years, these will increase in price up to 490 times. According to the German Oldtimer Index, the car with the greatest increase in value is the Mercedes Benz 300 SL gullwing – a truly beautiful collector’s item!

place 2

From high-horsepower to epicurean delights: According to the report, wines experience the second highest price increase (up to 241 percent over ten years). The Liv-ex Fine Wine 100, the leading index of the London internet wine exchange Liv-ex, lists the grape juices with a score. However, only fine wines with a ranking of 96-100 points are suitable as investment wines. Wines from France predominate – but California is also on the rise. (Read here which wines are suitable as an investment)

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3rd place Even rare coins show a lucrative price increase of 232 percent. Some coin collections sometimes sell for millions in auction houses. 4th place

Art objects also attract many collectors.

The paintings and sculptures increase in value by up to 226 percent in ten years. Picassos, for example, achieved around 162 million euros "Les femmes d’Alger" at Christie’s auction house.

5th place Collecting rare stamps is not just a hobby that young people pursue. Because this leisure activity can bring a lot of profit. According to Knight Frank, stamps increase their value by up to 166 percent. 6th place Even valuable jewelry can pay for itself over a period of ten years – by 155 percent. Place 7 And where there is jewelry, there is the jump to the "Girl’s best friends" not far: diamonds – more precisely colored diamonds – are recording a price increase of 136 percent. Important: Investors need a great deal of specialist knowledge here in order to be able to distinguish the valuable stones from useless stones. (Read tips on investing in diamonds here) 8th place

The British company has recorded a price increase of 67 percent for luxury watches over a decade. (You can find our tips for recognizing the value of an old watch here)

9th place "Safety first" – especially if there are Chinese ceramics in it. Because such record increases in value of 50 percent. A cup from the Chinese Ming dynasty from the 15th century, for example, fetched around 33 million euros at auction in 2014. Place 10

The worst result is supposedly valuable furniture. Because, according to Knight Frank, anyone who invested in expensive cupboards and armchairs ten years ago was down 29 percent.

Gourmets are faced with a dilemma: They only want to pour the best wines, but surrender to the huge selection. helps further: We spoke to the young star among the German wine experts. Konstantin Baum has listed his ten current favorites for us.

Ten tips for top wines

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Konstantin Baum is in his early 30s and has passed the theory and practice exam at the prestigious Institute of Masters of Wine completed in London. When his dissertation is finished – that is the name of the work, although it is not a doctorate – he will be one of the youngest in the world Masters of Wine be. At the moment only four chosen ones hold the title in Germany – and currently only 312 experts from 24 different countries carry the coveted title MW on the business card.

Assault on Olympus

Baum evaluates the title as follows: "The Master of Wine is the Olympus for wine experts; less than ten percent of students graduate." So eager tasting is the order of the day – but the gourmet has taken time for Which ten wines do connoisseurs absolutely have to pour themselves? Let’s let the master speak for himself.

2007 Fontodi Chianti Classico

Fontodi is one of the absolute top wineries in Chianti and opened my eyes to the quality of the wines from Tuscany. Good Chiantis go best with a rich dish like Osso Buco – i.e. veal shank – or with pan-fried beef tagliata. Available for around 16 euros at Lobenbergs Gute Weine GmbH & Co. KG.

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2009 Chateau Margaux

I lived in Bordeaux for the summer of 2009 and can still remember very well that it hardly rained. This gave the wine a little more power, but at the same time the Margaux has retained its stylish elegance. For such a classic beauty, I would also choose a classic dish, such as rack of lamb. A bottle of this liquid treasure costs around 1050 euros at Moevenpick Wein.

2008 Tinto Pesquera Crianza Gourmets have to know their way around Spain so that they can find great wines for little money. The Tinto Pesquera is just such a wine! The strong barrique notes have to be countered with a rich dish – such as smoked beef brisket. It is available from Hawesko for around 20 euros. 2009 Yalumba The Guardian Eden Valley Shiraz / Viognier

The 2009 Guardian smells of cherries, blackberries and blueberries and is wonderfully intense and ripe. The Viognier in the Cuvee gives it a touch of freshness and lightness. For me, a very good Shiraz goes best with braised game – for example a leg of venison with a sauce made from dark chocolate. Enjoyment in the glass costs around 18 euros per bottle at Shiraz & Co.

2009 Freiburg Schloßberg Spätburgunder Großes Gewächs Stigler I was recently able to taste this wine again – and once again I was blown away by its enormous elegance and finesse. Because of this elegance, you can combine the Pinot Noir with a salmon fillet fried glassy on the skin. Stigler sells the bottle directly from the winery for 28 euros. 2009 Riesling Polish Hill Grosset Clare Valley

Of course, Germany is the home of Riesling. During my travels through Australia I realized that too "down under" wonderful wines are made from the best grape variety in the world. I was particularly impressed by Grosset’s Polish Hill. I would serve it with a dish with a creamy sauce, for example Züricher Geschnetzeltes. The wine store – Martin Apell sells this pleasure for 35 euros a bottle.

2009 Silex Didier Dagueneau Sauvignon Blanc can be pretty boring, but it looks very different with the Silex. The wine offers a seductive density and fullness and therefore goes well with the fried pikeperch, alternatively with the lemon chicken … or simply with both! The liquid pleasure at Gourmondo costs 96 euros. 2006 Zind Humbrecht Pinot Gris Clos Jebsal Selection de Grains Nobles Trie Speciale The Clos Jebsal has an enormous substance and richness – the aromas of ripe pear, honey and apricot literally fly towards you! Of course, it is a wonderful thing to combine wine with food. But this is the exception to the rule: Enjoy this fine wine better than solitaire without anything. Half a bottle costs 79 euros at Vinaturel. 2000 Krug Brut The champagnes from Krug are aged in small wooden barrels like top white wines from Burgundy. This gives them a toasty note and more content. Such a rich, hedonistic champagne goes best with seafood and lobster. The taste pleasure at Belvini costs 215 euros a bottle. Hidalgo Manzanilla La Gitana

Hidalgo’s La Gitana is an absolute classic and one of the best manzanillas. These, in turn, are the perfect accompaniment to nuts, preferably roasted almonds or a barbecue in summer. Available for around ten euros at wines and vinos. We have put all these fine grape juices together in our photo show as a shopping list to fill up your wine cellar. There is sure to be something for you, because the list ranges from affordable fine drops for everyday use to expensive liquid treasures.

Winter means wearing thick and, above all, warm. The feet in particular want to be warmly wrapped, because they freeze the fastest. So that you don’t just wade through the winter in thick fur boots, we have selected the most stylish shoes, boots and ankle boots for you. See the cool models in our photo show! The current winter boots 2015 can be found here.

The new (shoe) fashion is not for wimps. Real guys wear tough boots and a three-day beard. Rusticity and authenticity are one of the most important components of men’s fashion this winter. It shows itself in many exciting facets: From cool workwear to smart heritage fashion from the good old tailor’s room, there is something for every taste.

Quality and convenience

The last winters have left their mark: You want to be well prepared for the cold season. Although monstrous fur boots keep you warm, they are definitely not that stylish and they cannot be worn with a suit either. It’s good that the new shoe fashion simply fits in perfectly with the new masculine fashion trends.

In the current boot fashion, in addition to a striking look and high functionality, quality and comfort are clearly in the foreground. Even the new business shoes are decidedly casual and relaxed, but without losing their fashionable sex appeal. In addition to the currently strong casual trend, there is another massive basic trend: boots, boots, boots.

Rough boots

So it’s not surprising that worker boots, army boots and hiking boots are all the rage this winter. In this segment you will find more than just a pair of trendy boots. Since there is a strong focus in men’s fashion on the return to craftsmanship and elegance, the shoes are generally classic and less clunky.

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Equipped with slightly profiled soles and a subtle fur lining, you are guaranteed to be warm and non-slip when out and about. >>